Services We Offers

Spine offers a range of IT-enabled services. Recognizing the need to add value for customers, we offer a combination of onsite/offshore delivery models for compact delivery schedules and optimum cost-efficiency.
  • In today's dynamic business scenario, outsourcing often provides the vital competitive edge by enabling better management of human capital and financial resources.
  • The Spine outsourcing advantage allows customers to focus their time and energies on their core competencies and to keep pace with changes in the IT industry. We lower the customer's cost of constantly training staff in new technologies.
  • Being competitive and focus on core process is the mantra for organization today. In such a competitive scenario, outsourcing of non-core process is a logical and integral part of the organization's business strategy.
  • The benefits of process outsourcing are enormous, including Just In Time information at the right time every time. Being our core business, you could leverage upon the same and devote your internal resources and capital funds to profit-driven activities - accelerating re-engineering processes and responding with greater flexibility to today's rapidly changing markets.
Work Plan Process

Why Spine

  • Experience spanning over a decade.

  • De facto standard for large companies for adherence and streaming of their process around the system.

  • Compliance to the changing government rules and employment regulations.

  • Quick turnaround time for new employment policies and support to the management for all their MIS activities.

  • Value added services in the form of Gap analysis and Optimization of reimbursement model

  • As as owner of the software spine can provide quick solutions.