• Spine Assets
  • Planning And Verification
  • Maintainance

Spine Assets is very comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly Fixed Assets Management software to manage depreciation accounting keeping in view the requirements of India Companies Act, Income Tax Act as well as Management Act along with maintaining AMC, Warranty, Insurance and Service of the assets.

It is generally agreed that maintaining the data relating to assets, its locations, servicing and depreciation accounting has become very necessary in view of substantial amount of funds being employed in the Company's fixed assets and its maintenance. Increase in automation makes planning and monitoring of fixed assets for external and internal accounting purposes even more beneficial.

In addition to pure accounting and balance sheet preparation, there are extensive requirements for controlling and maintenance monitoring. Furthermore, one must be able to determine easily and precisely the even more complex requirements of asset and depreciation accounting both at Company’s books and Income Tax levels and also for different periods as well.

Asset Acquisition
Capturing Asset records, component details & document etc
Asset Relocation
Capturing the relocation history of the Assets for Location, Cost Center, Custodian etc.
Asset Disposal
Automatic Calculation of profit/ loss on disposal of Assets. (Assets wise / Component wise)
Depreciation Calculation
Automates the whole process without any human intervention.
physical Verification
Made easy with integration of barcode reader optional available with manual entry.
Bar-code Label Reader
Can be interfaced with barcode system or ERP Software.
Import Existing Data
Your existing Assets data if it is stored in excel format can be easily imported in to our software.
Charts and graphs on Depreciation / Cost/ WDV Basis etc.
Report Writer
User can design his own customized reports also can save different query.
Saves Records
Keep multiple set of Physical Verification records.
System Requirements

Intel Pentium CPU (Pentium IV or higher recommeded)

Super VGA (800 * 600) or higher resolution

4 GB RAM or more

1 GB of available hard disk space

Winxp/ Vista/ Win 7 or win Server 2k above

Ms Office and MS Outlook installed

DSN Connectivity with Database

Pre-installed Database i.e Ms-Access/ MsSql Server/ Oracle