Attendance Management

Attendance data input from multiple sources
Capture attendance data from multiple source like Bio-Metric attendance Machines, Swipe Card Interface, Face Recognition Device, Online Login – Logout on the system , Daily or Monthly Muster Based Data by HODs.
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Attendance Policies Configurations
Design multiple attendance policies and rules employee, grade, group, branch wise.
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Attendance Regularization & Swipe Request
Swipe Request by Employee incase of attendance not captured by Attendance Recording Device / Swipe Card & Bio Metric Systems. Attendance Regularization approval with notes by HOD.
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Overt time (OT) Calculations
Get Working Hours ratio against OT Hours. Claim OT hours by Employees / HOD & approval from HR .Auto posting of approved OT Hours calculation in SPINE PAYROLL
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Shifts Configurations
Design and configure Shift roster policies with specific rules and regulations for locations or group.
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Shift Rostering
Shift Roster allocation & management by HOD or managers. Employee application for Shift change request with approval of HR.
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GPS Attendance Marking & Tracking with Geo Tagging & Fencing
Unique Attendance marking by employee by taking “selfie“ from any smart phone for capturing photo. GPS based system allows to captures current location of employees with time real time sync in the system.
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Attendance reports
Monthly Attendance Report to employee, HOD & HR. Graphical HR Dash board with attendance analysis for leave utilization.
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Cross Module Validation
Cross Module validation is possible through this module. eg. Employee can put Expense request on dates of marked as PRESENT , Time Sheet can be filled for max hours based on attendance datat etc.